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About Me

Hey, I’m Jonathan 👋

I’m a data scientist by day and a comedian by night.

My passion for humor, technology, and creativity began when I was a kid. I learned that each of these three is a force multiplier, allowing me to better communicate ideas and messages to others. Now, I combine the three into original talks and sessions that spark interest and joy.

My talks are structured to be entertaining, engaging and informative, tailored to both technical and non-technical audiences. They cover a broad range of topics from the basics of AI, its practical applications in business, to hands-on workshops focused on AI in software development.

Previously, I served four years in Unit 8200 and studied my B.Sc. in Computer Science in Barcelona. Today, I’m the cofounder and VP R&D of Fine, a company that helps developers build software with AI agents.

Reviews & Testimonials

Yaneev Avital,

Editor In Chief, Geektime

I highly endorse Jonathan's speeches! He is a true professional who effortlessly blends humor and charisma to captivate his audience, particularly programmers, who are known for being a tough audience :) The audience simply adored him!

Michal Brosh,

VP People, Riverside.fm

Jonathan delivered a very creative and enjoyable talk at Reversim Summit 2022. It was a pleasure to work with him, and the content was simply outstanding, received very warm response from the audience. Great public speaker and content creator.

Yarden Laifenfeld,

Co Organizer, GopherCon IL

Jonathan gave an excellent talk at GopherCon Israel 2023. The talk was both entertaining and insightful, and I highly recommend him for any future public speaking engagements!

Miki Tebeka, CEO, 353solutions

Jonathan delivered a fun and engaging talk. He was professional throughout the process of talk selection and dry runs and got the the venue well ahead of time. His deliver was flawless and received excellent reviews from the attendees.


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